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Geschrieben von Jonathan am 28.01.2010 um 16:22:

Achtung How to enable SLI? (using nHancer for example)


i recently installed San Andreas again to see how good it would run on my new PC but unfortunately the game doesn't support SLI.

I have a GTX 295 and would like to get full use of this graphics card, knowing that i'll be using lots of car mods etc in combination with ENB series and more.

I have been using nHancer in the past for Richard Burns Rally, which worked great but i can't seem to get things working properly for San Andreas though: in single GPU mode i get +100 fps but with SLI enabled (AFR, AFR2, ..??) it only gets worse and i only get 15 - 25 - 45 fps, depending on what settings i am using in nHancer.

Is there please somebody who can send me a proper configuration or even an SLI profile for San Andreas? Thanks in advance!!! victory

Specs: Vista Home Premium 64-bit, 6GB DDR3, Core i7 920 @ 3,66 GHz, GTX 295. (The game works great in single GPU mode, but ENB series etc is killing the performance drastically so i'd like to get full use of my dual-gpu card)

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