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Geschrieben von Mad Driver am 20.06.2010 um 20:34:

Pfeil [NFSS|REL|SA] Bugatti Veyron 16.4 EB

Hi guys!! I'm little paused with IV Cars for a short time))) Here is my new and finished already project: Bugatti Veyron 16.4 EB from NFS:S. 4 Liveries, HQ Interior, SA Lights, Plates...
So.. That car is finished and you can test it and download from my homepage)))
In my gallery you will see more screens with my Veyron)))

Geschrieben von Foxboro am 20.06.2010 um 22:12:


Wow, those enb settings are perfect

Geschrieben von Baddtraxx am 20.06.2010 um 22:18:


somepicz without enb would be gratefull

Geschrieben von Chavez am 20.06.2010 um 22:24:


looks HQ Augenzwinkern
if u can post the enb setts.

// i will test that car lachen

Geschrieben von Jeff am 20.06.2010 um 22:36:


Original von Baddtraxx
somepicz without enb would be gratefull

Geschrieben von Sean(Taiwan) am 21.06.2010 um 02:42:


Damn! That ENB setting is SICK! aamegaLoL
It is not the same ENB as I know so far...
Most of the ENB setting looks "artificial"
And I really hate that motz
But this one...brilliant yahoo
This is another style

Maybe too much on ENB...sorry keks
The Veryon is really awesome!
There was tons of Veryon...stock or tuned
But NONE of them have a detailed interior wut1
It is sweet to get this one! Thanks, man good

Geschrieben von DriftKILLER am 21.06.2010 um 06:40:



Geschrieben von Bone_G_ am 21.06.2010 um 14:36:


Perfect, and i want the enb, can you post it to test or is only for you?

Geschrieben von Chavez am 21.06.2010 um 18:04:


Original von DriftKILLER

wtf dude ?!?

Geschrieben von jojo_v am 22.06.2010 um 13:28:


AWESOME car and great enb settings!
btw: it would be cool an cleo automatic spoiler, like in this vid :

Geschrieben von Mad Driver am 22.06.2010 um 20:20:


Guys! Don't forget, this little topic NOT about my ENB!!! This topic about my car!! So here are 2 fotos w/o ENB. What are you thinking about my car??))

@jojo_v - That would be wonderful, but I don't have model of this spoiler. And I don't a very good scripter to write CLEO for this car((((((

Geschrieben von SilverRST640 am 22.06.2010 um 22:25:


Eh, your car?
You modeled that car yourself?
I think its from EA.

Screens looks nice and looks very clean.
I like your converts, they look alot better victory
Keep it up!

Geschrieben von CCAD am 25.06.2010 um 13:34:


I'm found of the Miura and the Evora, good Job!

I know that it's not the good topic but have you post somewhere your enb settings? Your cars looks so pretty in your configuration!

Geschrieben von CzarnyIV am 25.06.2010 um 19:59:


Car? Great! Could you make mat color? I don't like that metallic one

And when do you think you'll finish that?

Geschrieben von viva yo am 09.07.2010 um 13:53:


i´ve seen your gallery and there are a lot of great cars like the ferrari california, the aston martin dbs on some others. are you going to release any of those soon?

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