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Geschrieben von Baddtraxx am 09.12.2010 um 22:32:


so u wanna say some guys "here" are such idiots and noobs cus they want some fun into SA? ure embarrassing spinnst1

Geschrieben von SilverRST640 am 10.12.2010 um 16:53:


Original von Patchouli
so u wanna say some guys "here" are such idiots and noobs cus they want some fun into SA? ure embarrassing spinnst1

No, you're wrong.
Im saying modeling costs time to finish.
Elvis sure has other important things to do wich
keeps him off the modeling.
Thats why the priogress is slow.

Same goes for me with the LP640.

Look what happened to ikey.
He has a job to do.
If people grows up, they'll have less time for modeling for games.

And about that fun car, thats not for real.
Its my typical sense of humor.

Geschrieben von Elvis am 15.12.2010 um 15:00:


Finally, progress!

Front bumper was a LOT of work. I started off trying to keep it low-poly. But after three bumpers that weren't satisfactory I threw that out of the window and tried to make it as smooth as I can. I am very pleased with the result:

Now it's time to do some work on the side, stay tuned.

Geschrieben von schaefft am 15.12.2010 um 15:42:


Haha, well, its a bit highpoly but still okay. You are doing a great job here, keep up the good work. victory

Geschrieben von fordfocus33 am 16.12.2010 um 13:17:


Very impressive work mate! Great! victory

Geschrieben von Elvis am 28.12.2010 um 17:56:


First of all, although a tad late, happy holidays to y'all. smile

Now, quite a big update. I decided to get a rolling chassis. Therefore I took the normal roof chassis cab, and modeled the rear. After that I made the basic chassis, and the basic steel wheels. Also, the first ingame screenshots have been taken, and I'm very satisfied.

Geschrieben von schaefft am 28.12.2010 um 19:25:


Good to see you back, the mesh is looking flawless. Good polycount, accurate, just perfect! Keep up the good work,its also great to see well made scratch made models. victory

Geschrieben von fordfocus33 am 28.12.2010 um 22:18:


Very clean and smooth work. victory And nice wheels. lachen

Geschrieben von VladyF am 29.12.2010 um 15:56:


Looks great , Glad you are still working on it lachen

noticed a tiny little inaccuracy Zunge raus

Geschrieben von SR20'd am 03.01.2011 um 03:29:


that frontbumper sure is makeable with a much smaller polycount, but i dont want u to remake it, especially its your 3rd bumper lol
and i know how hard it is to do something like that, and how time intense it is to do 3 bumpers

flawless moddelingjob - hats down

cant wait

Geschrieben von citroenxsara am 08.01.2011 um 21:49:

  RE: Elvis' Projects

Original von Elvis

Range Rover Supercharged


dieser rang rover supercharged

frage ist schon jetzt handel im download oder wird noch bearbeiten

sorry, für mein ausdruck schwer bin schwerhörig

Demand is already commercially available at download or edit is still

sorry for my expression'm hard of hearing loss

Geschrieben von Elvis am 09.01.2011 um 15:23:



frage ist schon jetzt handel im download oder wird noch bearbeiten

sorry, für mein ausdruck schwer bin schwerhörig

The Range Rover has been discontinued for the moment, because it's a Forza 3 model and I'm not satisfied with it. I do love the car though so I might decide to create one from scratch someday. Also, please speak German if you're more comfortable with that, I can usually comprehend what you're saying.

Also, I have some sad news to report. I've had a hard disk crash last thurday. I brought my laptop to uni's notebook service center, but they weren't able to salvage any data of importance. I made backups of my school data, but the last backup of my GTA data is from 3 months ago.

Unfortunately that means that all my meshes and most notable the Sprinter are gone. This really is quite depressing since I spent loads of time on the Sprinter. I'm not sure what I'm going to make now. To be honest I'm really not feeling like starting the Sprinter all over again. I'll be making something though, that's for sure.

I will keep you posted, and my apologies to the people anxious for the Sprinter. smile

Geschrieben von fordfocus33 am 11.01.2011 um 01:27:


That's sad to hear, but I hope you make an other great scratch made model. Sad about the Sprinter because i really want your model for my SA.

It's the Volvo model gone too?

But keep up dude. victory

Geschrieben von Elvis am 12.01.2011 um 14:50:


After last time's disaster it's time for some good news again. I took the broken harddrive to a company specialized in data recovery, and they managed to salvage some data including....the Sprinter z3d file! Lost most of my reference and stuff though, but at least the model's there.

Expect progress soon smile

Geschrieben von Sean(Taiwan) am 15.01.2011 um 07:16:


Good for you!
Damn those unreliable HDDs wut1
Luckily mine are both healthy even they are several years old aua

Geschrieben von Elvis am 26.04.2011 um 19:39:


Well hello there!

Big update here. Got some hours in here and there the last few months and that has resulted in the finished bodyshell. Loads of invisible work has also been done, and some larger scale detailing has been done.

Unfortunately the prospects of time I'm able to spend on the model aren't any better than before. However I always planned this to be a long term project, major updates probably won't be posted until the summer holiday kicks in.

Thanks for looking,


Geschrieben von schaefft am 26.04.2011 um 21:04:


Another beautifully modeled Sprinter, top-notch work here! Keep up the great work, its really well done. victory

Geschrieben von fordfocus33 am 26.04.2011 um 22:33:


As schaefft said great work dude. I'm happy to see some progress on the Sprinter. Keep up! victory

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