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Geschrieben von Kein am 29.10.2006 um 14:52:


HGHWAY PTRL - white roof , HGHWAY PTRL - black roof, Fire rescue

Geschrieben von Harry_199 am 29.10.2006 um 21:28:



Geschrieben von BgRaCer am 29.10.2006 um 23:28:


SPC rulzzzz i like all cars from spc drinks

Geschrieben von Ballermann am 30.10.2006 um 14:19:


I can't download the LSPD skin... help
But the cars are looking good


Geschrieben von _pain_ am 31.10.2006 um 16:56:


I took some time for modding, too.
I created a skin for the police car. It's a sheriff skin.
The complete design is imagined by myself. Even the star is an own creation.
My Idea was to replace the ploice rancher by a nice car.
So check it out:

If you like it I'm going to ask SPC for permission to upload this skin officially.

CaLLiBRi: Pics edited... Rules

Geschrieben von Mr Whoopee am 31.10.2006 um 16:59:


wow looks great! good

nice skin, i like it

won't be a problem to release it i think victory

Geschrieben von uL7im4t3 am 31.10.2006 um 17:14:


Wanna have a keks ? For this car you get a million keks ! Very good work! streicheln

Geschrieben von _pain_ am 01.11.2006 um 14:36:


Hey guys,
I've been creative again and created a new skin. This time it's for the Las Venturas police.
Check it out. I hope you like it:

CaLLiBRi: Pics edited... Rules

Geschrieben von lovefist am 02.11.2006 um 13:00:


Who man the skins look very nice!! Good job pain victory Super

Geschrieben von 440HemI_RUN am 03.11.2006 um 17:03:

  very good skins

_pain_ you need create NYPD skin to Chevy caprice

all skins made for you is very nice yahoo

Geschrieben von _pain_ am 04.11.2006 um 13:01:


This is what I'm going to do next. If I've got some time today I will do it.
Else it would be done during the next days.
I didnt' do it, yet, 'cause theres ne city like new york in this game. But I could to it optional for different cities. NY, LS, SF and LV. Then you can decide which one you want Augenzwinkern
I'll post screens when it's done Augenzwinkern
Watch out!

All right. Now some hours passed and I had the time to make a NYPD POLICE skin.
Here are the screens.
Hope you like it!

And I just made another skin. This time it's NYPD Highway Patrol:

Geschrieben von Harry_199 am 04.11.2006 um 18:14:


Can you Send me this Skin, please.

Geschrieben von piohh am 04.11.2006 um 19:28:


Original von Harry_199
Can you Send me this Skin, please.

I think you can find the skins next days on the Mainpage victory

Geschrieben von Harry_199 am 04.11.2006 um 21:58:


can you make anower Skins?

Geschrieben von _pain_ am 08.11.2006 um 20:08:


Alright, here you've got another one.
It's nothing special but it was an idea that was flowing through my mind. So I just made it. It's an interception car for coordinated highspeed persuits.

I just had another idea. Here it is:

Geschrieben von Vipallica am 08.11.2006 um 20:09:


Your skin looks pretty goodAugenzwinkern I like it :t:ease:

Geschrieben von Zsul am 10.11.2006 um 01:44:


Hello Pain!
I heva a crasy ideasmile
GTA1(!) Liberty City end Vice City skin?smile

Geschrieben von Harry_199 am 10.11.2006 um 15:29:


"_pain_" can you publish this skins?


Geschrieben von uL7im4t3 am 10.11.2006 um 16:15:


Nice skins!

Good work dude victory

Geschrieben von _pain_ am 11.11.2006 um 10:07:


Files are uploaded.
You'll be able to download them during the next days I think Augenzwinkern
Watch out and enjoy them!

Geschrieben von Zsul am 17.11.2006 um 16:53:


The 91 Chevy Caprice is number one.
My idea for next wehicle: 1991 Ford Crown Victoria civil vehicles (new style) In the San Andreas: Elegant (See original "Elegant" wehicles. It's almost like 1991 Ford Crown Victoria.)

(the pictures on the botton of the page)

Mr Whoopee: please post modding requests in this thread: Wunschbox victory

Geschrieben von Harry_199 am 17.11.2006 um 21:40:


Nice idea!

Geschrieben von Zsul am 18.11.2006 um 00:51:


Coming other picture for (hehe) Elegant:$4999.jpg

CaLLiBRi: Link fixed...

Geschrieben von Harry_199 am 19.11.2006 um 19:25:


Yes, but have someone Skins for the Chevrolet?

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