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Geschrieben von piohh am 12.08.2007 um 22:16:


you are really fast. Looks great victory

Geschrieben von schaefft am 12.08.2007 um 23:08:


Yeah, really fast progress. Good work, but the interior will take some time. lachen

Geschrieben von Deactivated am 12.08.2007 um 23:31:


Wow thats really really ^^ fast dude,looks great erstaunt

Geschrieben von Vipallica am 13.08.2007 um 00:21:


Very nice Model!

Geschrieben von flashg am 17.08.2007 um 14:49:


Thanks for stickying my topic, took awhile to search it thou lol

Getting there, not much to do anymore. Small details like steering wheel etc.

Hopefully I get my better gfx card back soon, atm I got GF2 and SA doesn't run that smooth with it and that makes converting this bit hard resent

Geschrieben von piohh am 19.08.2007 um 18:38:


Omg... I want drive it... WoW really great smoke

Geschrieben von flashg am 21.08.2007 um 13:07:


thx smile

Haven't done much, only new wheels. smile

Geschrieben von schaefft am 21.08.2007 um 13:24:


Great work flash, looks really good. And it seems to be not too highpoly. Good job, cant w8 to see the first ingame pics and maybe the next project in some weeks. victory

Geschrieben von Flip Ent. am 21.08.2007 um 13:39:


Original von schaefft
Great work flash, looks really good. And it seems to be not too highpoly. Good job, cant w8 to see the first ingame pics and maybe the next project in some weeks. victory


Looks awesome... Just great!

Geschrieben von BLITZ am 21.08.2007 um 15:46:


I think that the car will look awesome...and specialy the wheels...there are beautiful, very beautiful, I realy like those freak1 !!!

Geschrieben von flashg am 26.08.2007 um 18:40:


Thanks! smile

So I got mine SA work somehow and was able to put Scamp to it. Sorry that the screenies are bad quality. I got GF2 atm since I'm waiting that I'll get new one. My GF6600GT got broken but fortunately it had warranty. Anyways here's pics and download link for beta. Please share some pics and thoughts smile


Geschrieben von schaefft am 26.08.2007 um 18:42:


Wow, what a suprise. I will download it right now. victory

bugreport: Great car, the model itself looks very good, it looks detailed and isnt very highpoly, the textures are great too and I really like your chrome. But there are some little things, that should be fixed:

Some little problems and one interessting thing. The whole chassis is in bodycolor, but the metal under the wings is dark. Why? lachen

Geschrieben von flashg am 27.08.2007 um 18:33:


Thanks Schaeft, gotta fix them too smile

Metal under wings should be body color too, just forgot to add primary color to them heh tired

anyways beta file updated, wheel issue fixed. virgo.dff and handling line updated, havent done those what you mentioned Schaeft though, yet Augenzwinkern

Geschrieben von flashg am 01.09.2007 um 14:30:


Scamp finished, I think I'll do some material tweaking later when I get my better gfx card back. So download it from HERE

Geschrieben von Skyline_MR am 01.09.2007 um 14:48:


Oh very nice thank you for the DL Augenzwinkern

Geschrieben von Deactivated am 01.09.2007 um 21:22:


Yeah i like it, amazing car and nice work good

Geschrieben von flashg am 01.09.2007 um 21:50:


Thanks! You're welcome, have fun and drive carefully streicheln smile

Geschrieben von TheWurst am 01.09.2007 um 21:53:


Wow, that`s a nice one...I didn`t know that a lowpoly car can look that good good

Geschrieben von Domingo am 02.09.2007 um 11:02:


WOW FlashG, very very very nice Car!

And Low-Poly, thats a very good work, I love this car!!!

Geschrieben von piohh am 02.09.2007 um 11:54:


Plymouth Scamp 1971

FlashG's 3D Cornershop

Hey, looks really great. I post some Pictures.
I hope you like it

Download Car

The Author from:
Model, textures and converting to SA: FlashG

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Comments are welcome


Geschrieben von CaLLiBRi am 02.09.2007 um 11:58:


Wow looks perfect victory Very great job youve done there...

Geschrieben von Deactivated am 02.09.2007 um 12:41:


Finally in the download-base. yahoo Hope you keep up the good work!

Geschrieben von flashg am 02.09.2007 um 13:28:


Thanks, more is to come. I'm gonna remodel my Volvo 240 Turbo next smile

Geschrieben von schaefft am 02.09.2007 um 13:40:


Lol freak1

very cool car and not much polies. great job. victory

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