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Geschrieben von Mave am 02.10.2007 um 10:35:


Original von Gangsta_mummi
@Mave Keiby.
what will the third Transformer be? Optimus Prime? Zunge raus or maybe Megatron from the cartoon on TV freak1

Geschrieben von Vinnie THE PUUH am 02.10.2007 um 13:18:


the 2007 camaro or the 1977 camaro

Geschrieben von Mave am 02.10.2007 um 13:54:


Original von Vinnie THE PUUHthe 2007 camaro or the 1977 camaro
2007 camaro ofcourse

Geschrieben von novesori am 02.10.2007 um 14:30:


Its seen very nice. Have you a converter for this wunderfull model?

Geschrieben von Rob Zombie am 02.10.2007 um 15:22:


S281 almost equals with the mustang. It's like saying shelby gt500 instead of ford mustang... (old 1 of course)
Still can't w8 ^^

Geschrieben von k1real am 05.10.2007 um 08:43:


Geschrieben von Castallo am 05.10.2007 um 08:47:


WoW, looks great and nice effects.
Batman foever lachen

Geschrieben von herthaboy2 am 05.10.2007 um 09:36:


hi ive one question can you say me what with the H2 is?

sorry from my bad english...

Geschrieben von Rob Zombie am 05.10.2007 um 14:30:


It's from the movie called Transformers. This was an "autobot" called Ratchet.

Geschrieben von Deactivated am 05.10.2007 um 17:47:


Amazing car or plane lachen

but it looks great

Geschrieben von Domingo am 05.10.2007 um 18:15:


Ive seen the Saleen is already releast, but what is with the H2?

Geschrieben von sebi12 am 05.10.2007 um 19:09:


Yeah, Barricade was released to the public, and Ratchet would really fit to him, but I wasnt able to find it yet. You DO keep working on it, dont you? what

Geschrieben von Mirrorman am 09.10.2007 um 17:25:


Here is another pic of Ratchet!
These are the the lights of it

You car is looking good man! Wich car is it replacing?

Geschrieben von Rob Zombie am 09.10.2007 um 19:23:


Which you want. You can replace all of the cars by rewriting the name to whatever car you want and then find your chosen SA car's handling, vehicles, carcols and carmods line and delete it and replace it with the one included in the readme. Note: Change only the numbers but not the car's name. And in vehicles.ide change only the last numbers from 10, 0, 0 (usually)

Geschrieben von Vinnie THE PUUH am 09.10.2007 um 19:54:


look what Mave said it will be released soon on his site

Geschrieben von Mirrorman am 14.10.2007 um 21:26:


Any updates?

Geschrieben von k1real am 15.10.2007 um 07:59:


Has finished the Lincoln. As it seems to me)

Geschrieben von Castallo am 15.10.2007 um 09:08:


Looks great. Nice chrom yahoo

Geschrieben von axel am 15.10.2007 um 15:51:


I can't wait to tune it!!!

How many kits does it have?


Geschrieben von Deactivated am 15.10.2007 um 16:28:


Yes really nice chrom, looks great victory

Geschrieben von usfvampire am 15.10.2007 um 16:39:


But the Ratchet is not finished yet?

Geschrieben von d4f_mac am 15.10.2007 um 22:37:


Original von k1real
Has finished the Lincoln. As it seems to me)

this is a cool, nice joob man. I wait for smoke

Geschrieben von piohh am 16.10.2007 um 07:52:


Yeh, great Lincoln. The pictures are not so good but I knows your style
and then I cant wait lachen

Geschrieben von k1real am 16.10.2007 um 09:37:


What is bad in pictures? Or pictures?

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