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Geschrieben von Mave am 11.10.2007 um 12:57:

  [SA|REL] 1998 URAL the WOLF by GTA Motors Team

1998 URAL the WOLF for GTA: San Andreas
Version 1.0

Scratch made: BelomoR (
Parts: Sabbath Black (
Convertion in SA: Sabbath Black (, EgoretZ

Distribution RuleZ:
1) It is forbidden to place this model on all sites, excluding, during 1 month after release.
2) At accommodation on other sites it is necessary to specify link to a site of author's team (GTA Motors) -
3) At accommodation on other sites it is forbidden to delete or change files contained in archive.
4) It is forbidden to use models and details contained in archive, in any objectives without the author's permission.

Thanks to:

-Mave Keiby for help and advices
-Olegator for help and advices
-Paulo Montana for handlings
-People from and forums for long waiting and trusting for us...


(c) 2006-2007 GTA Motors Team

Geschrieben von piohh am 11.10.2007 um 15:37:


Great, I must drive it victory

Geschrieben von Domingo am 11.10.2007 um 16:44:



I love it!! pretty good model and nice convertet!

Russian cars/bikes are the best!!!! really good

Geschrieben von BLITZ am 11.10.2007 um 16:50:


The bike is awesome, very pretty and she doesn't have so many poly Chong

Geschrieben von DimazzzZ am 11.10.2007 um 16:55:


Russian cars LOL no. not cars ))

Geschrieben von Deactivated am 11.10.2007 um 18:54:


Amazing, the bike is wonderful victory

Geschrieben von Chager am 11.10.2007 um 19:23:


Thats a real cool chopper victory

Geschrieben von d4f_mac am 12.10.2007 um 00:02:


victory cool

Geschrieben von intercityfirmwhu am 25.08.2012 um 07:18:


How do I get the images on the bike to show up in game? I download and no Images unglücklich

Geschrieben von Da_Joka am 25.08.2012 um 12:59:


With "Images" you mean "Paintjobs", right?
You have to "add" those paintjobs into your gta3.img ..
You can buy them in "transfender" (i guess) .. but to make a bike "tunable" you have to edit handling.cfg and carmods.dat .. And as far as i know, SAMP does NOT suport modified handling.cfg and carmods.dat .. So in SinglePlayer it may work, in MultyPlayer not.....
But you can give it a try, just go to the tuningshops (TransFender, WAA, LocoLo) and try if the door opens

BTW: nice bike Augenzwinkern


Geschrieben von intercityfirmwhu am 26.08.2012 um 04:45:


Hello i recently downloaded this mod and tryed it out on NGG SA-MP server and the seat,wheel,engine are WHITE? How do I make them like there supposed to be. The only mod I have downloaded is this URAL MOD so it cant be anything else. I followed all the directions in the helpme and did everything. Anyone know how to fix this?

Geschrieben von Da_Joka am 27.08.2012 um 17:36:


First you have to know, freeway1/2/3/4.txd are "paintjobs" like on that savanna in the background...

And as i allready answered,
If you want to "customize" your bike with those paintjobs, you have to replace some lines in handling.cfg and carmods.dat .. But those changes are NOT supported by SAMP, so if you play SAMP you will have to play without paintjobs. In SinglePlayer you can use them, if you did exactly what the "ReadMe" told you.

GreezZ victory

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