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Geschrieben von piohh am 28.10.2007 um 11:42:

  [ SA | CON | Wip ] Caterham CSR 260

I post some wips from Impostor here.
On all car we have the same problem.
The specular is to high and he cant fix that.
Have anyone Idears to fix that. He send me this Picture

click thumbnail for enlarge

Big greetz Pio victory

Geschrieben von Deactivated am 28.10.2007 um 11:50:


Looks hot, but i don't know how to fix that problem

Geschrieben von BLITZ am 28.10.2007 um 11:50:


And this one is awesome too.... freak1

Geschrieben von Sonny-Black am 28.10.2007 um 15:26:


Looks very good, but the scale is too high and it hast to be more flat.
And you could make the seats more fit with CJ's body.

Geschrieben von Deactivat am 28.10.2007 um 16:15:


set your spec light strength to 76

Geschrieben von ALEXE am 28.10.2007 um 16:57:


great vehicle
not among my favourites but I'll sure use it großes Lachen
keep it up

Geschrieben von herthaboy2 am 28.10.2007 um 19:41:


it looks very good...

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