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Geschrieben von KamikaZ am 01.12.2007 um 01:03:

  Mercedes-Benz CLK500 Tuned

I modified a Mercedes CLK500 that was edited and converted by Alexsashka, I'll try to get pictures as soon as possible but I need a small favor, I just need someone to edit me the txd file, because every time I edit a txd file the game crashes motz
About the car: changed the wheel into a Racing Hart Type CX from NFS Most Wanted (thanks to Mummi for editing the texture), like this:

All logos were removed, as well has the doorline, has you can see it has some ugly doorlines Zunge raus

Also I put the wheel dummies higher so the car becomes lower.

PLZ just make me that simple favor and I will ask for permission to release it.

Link to download the car:

The textures that are needed in the txd:



Much Love...

Geschrieben von CARL1992 am 01.12.2007 um 10:52:

here is wheel pack and yours mature is also present

Geschrieben von Mumm! am 01.12.2007 um 14:40:


its gangsta_mummi here on gwm. Zunge raus well dont think about it. btw. i cant get it to work ingame eitherunglücklich whenever both of us is online on msn i'll show something weird in GGMM.

Geschrieben von KamikaZ am 01.12.2007 um 15:58:


@CARL: I know about those wheels but my problem is when I add the wheel textures to the car txd. Before I add them, the game goes allright, but the wheels are untextured, so I have to add it's materials to the txd file so the appears textured and when I do that the game crashes.
I only ask for someone to make a new txd or edit the Mercedes txd with all the textures, from the car and the wheel.

Geschrieben von CARL1992 am 01.12.2007 um 16:22:


read the readme

install notes
in the veh_mods ide as for i realize most people have modded lines allready and dont want to screw up the mods allready installed
so just copy and paste these lines in your veh_mods.ide (C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data\maps\veh_mods)

1st set

1074, wheel_sr3, wheel_sr3, 100, 2097152
1075, wheel_sr2, wheel_sr2, 100, 2097152
1076, wheel_lr4, wheel_lr4, 100, 2097152
1077, wheel_lr1, wheel_lr1, 100, 2097152
1078, wheel_lr3, wheel_lr3, 100, 2097152
1079, wheel_sr1, wheel_sr1, 100, 2097152
1080, wheel_sr5, wheel_sr5, 100, 2097152
1081, wheel_sr4, wheel_sr4, 100, 2097152
1082, wheel_gn1, wheel_gn1, 100, 2097152
1083, wheel_lr2, wheel_lr2, 100, 2097152
1084, wheel_lr5, wheel_lr5, 100, 2097152
1085, wheel_gn2, wheel_gn2, 100, 2097152

2nd set

1096, wheel_gn3, wheel_gn3, 100, 2097152
1097, wheel_gn4, wheel_gn4, 100, 2097152
1098, wheel_gn5, wheel_gn5, 100, 2097152

and thats it enjoy your new rims!!!

Geschrieben von KamikaZ am 01.12.2007 um 18:27:


I know what you are saying but if I use his wheels I will have to give everyone those wheels if they want to see the car has it is supposed to be.
But I'll give it a try.

EDIT: I was thinking in use the wheels txd file via coding but if its possible I don't know how to do it.

So the request is still on Zunge raus

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