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Geschrieben von piohh am 04.12.2007 um 13:39:

  [ SA | CON | REL ] Bugatti Veyron 2005

Bugatti Veyron 2005

shery0 3D

Great Version from this Car
I hope you like it

Download Car

The Author from Model: EA Games
converted to SA: SheryO

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Comments are welcome, please write in engish


Geschrieben von BLITZ am 04.12.2007 um 14:02:


This car is awesome in evrething :
- It has damage
- It has texture of the damage
- It has a working fuel tank
- The wheels are so nice, very perfect wheels, and have disc
- Very detailed, and the interior looks so good, not like the others Bugatti
- It have low poly, only 25 000, very good for a car like this one
- I will vote for sure, this car
- And is the best of the rest
- And thx for Piohh to put a special topic freak1 . This car need one

Geschrieben von Bluefender am 05.12.2007 um 01:52:


Yeh, really nice Bugatti. I think its the best Bugatti for SA i've see. yahoo

Geschrieben von CaLLiBRi am 05.12.2007 um 11:40:


Ahh another one, looks fine...

Geschrieben von Chavez am 05.12.2007 um 11:50:


That's a great car. I like it yahoo !!

Geschrieben von bilal_hcg am 29.03.2008 um 09:37:


Awesome Veyron Man.

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