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Geschrieben von SilverRST640 am 25.06.2009 um 12:37:


Hello again,
I made updates for the car.
The interior have to be UV Wrapped mapped.
I gonna do that later when I have 3ds max7.
But besides thats, thanks to Threepwood
for his LP640 spokes.
His rims are much better than EA crap.

@Threepwood, I removed some polies at the end of the tiny spokes
to get rid of the material bug.
Hope you dont be mad victory

Here a pic

This wheel is the best I ever have made.
FUBAR gaves me permission to make his Plymouth more detailer
and nice.
Look at this wheel/rim.
The black rim is by him, the wheel by me.

And his Plymouth wich I made nicer.

After the roadster is finished, I gonna
do the coupe one with same level of detail as the roadster.

Geschrieben von Pmixer am 25.06.2009 um 12:43:


Woow GTA Dies ech master!!!
die velgen staan echt mooi op die plymouth..
P.s Ik weet niet precies hoe dat allemaal te zeggen in engels en had er ook niet veel zin in xD

And.. i have Installed GTA SA to my ExternHD But.. now i can't change my sounds anymore could someone help me please?


Geschrieben von SilverRST640 am 25.06.2009 um 12:45:


Sorry to be a dick, but you have to post that in IKEY's topic.
And if you cant speak Deatsch, then in English victory

Post is editted, nvm.

But thanks you like them smile

Geschrieben von Alex_D am 25.06.2009 um 12:46:


Schöne Felgen victory

Geschrieben von Pmixer am 25.06.2009 um 12:54:


Sorry i thought tis was ikeys topic xD

but than i saw that it was a Roadster xD..

ff in nederlands..
Waar heb jij het over???
Trouwens.. er zijn er hier zat die duits praten mag ik toch wel wat in het nederlands zeggen?
Niet iedereen praat hier engels en duits xD

Mja.. dit is naar jou getypt dus deed ik het in het nederlands Augenzwinkern

tobie36: Please post in English or German here...

Geschrieben von SilverRST640 am 25.06.2009 um 14:59:


Lol, I have no words for that.

Lets sort some of these details.

Brakedisc: 23k, could also be reduced to 2k polies.
3D Tailights: 6384 polies.
Interior stock (thanks to Crazy Max) 16k polies
Engine (thanks to JKM) 4k polies
3D underbody and inside chassis less than 4k polies.
Rimsspokes by Threepwood on my wheel .......11k lol!

Well, sounds this car is not an average.
I put so much efforts, time, patience in this car.

Geschrieben von Jeff am 25.06.2009 um 15:20:


Ein sehr schöner Murciélago freu mich schon wenn der fertig ist. Zunge raus

Geschrieben von VladyF am 25.06.2009 um 15:36:


lol dude why did you've spend that many polyes just for a tire tease

btw I'm waiting to see the car Zunge raus

Geschrieben von SilverRST640 am 25.06.2009 um 16:02:


Lol, I like my tyre you know.
This tire is my 2nd attempt.
I forgot the torus tool in zmodeler, so I gave it a try.
Once it looked like a tyre, I made it highpoly großes Lachen
And you wont see speculair bug on tyres
when aimed to wheel while you drive.
But anyway, anybody has its own opinions.
Later this day I gonna sort all things out.
Its a mess when doing a coupe too.

@Jeff, danke schön fur das comment.

And something really not funny:

Original von Chezy

Way better than some gay-ass lambo which looks every year the same...

Ikey, if you don't like the car, why are you making it?

Well, this is a reason to not to release this car because its "same"
To all other Murcielago they says:

"OMGZOR, a great car, when u release?!?!"
"i cant wait for this beatifull!"

And another sadley thing, all most of them are stock
with EA interior, EA rims, EA underbody, EA engine.
And then this prick comes with an argument "gayass same lambo
every year the same"

Thanks for remembering me that.
For now on, only really Lambofans can get this car
as a private.

Geschrieben von SilverRST640 am 25.07.2009 um 00:52:


Alright guys, near finished.

Now its ingame! smile

Needs wingdoors.

And the polycount is waaaay to far from expected.
But who cares?
I dont want to have it in GTA4.
The reason you'll see its on 2 pics.


Geschrieben von ohnoo am 25.07.2009 um 01:04:


man, the car looks great. I love the open version and that hot interior. I will be happy to have yours and Ikey's Version ingame. Can't wait, just hot.


Geschrieben von SilverRST640 am 25.07.2009 um 01:39:


Thanks you like it smile
I put soooo much time its not even normal.
I have putted 3 roofs as extra's as you can see.
In the future I hope I can add tuninparts.
Not the usually tuninparts from over the modsites but for
this lambo.
But ow well, its a great car tho.
Guagemeters glows up at night.
3D taillights glows up too.
So more unknown features großes Lachen

Geschrieben von Threepwood am 25.07.2009 um 08:38:


Awesome. Hot. WANT IT großes Lachen

Geschrieben von SR20'd am 25.07.2009 um 14:17:



Geschrieben von Deathless am 25.07.2009 um 14:32:


Just one word :

HOT !!! smile

Geschrieben von SilverRST640 am 27.07.2009 um 17:15:


I gotta fix some materials and speculair highlight bugs.
There are some places they HAVE speculair but not shown in the game >_>
And reduce some polies.
But besides that, I doubt it fully to release the car.
Because so many thieves who doesnt respect
for the effort and patiences.
They just f***ing steals and takes off parts or host
on any site without permission.
And a big reason, GFX 3D site steals our models
and makes cash off.
I dont want to happen that.

Geschrieben von firestone am 27.07.2009 um 17:24:


You're right about stealing man, but this amazing car erstaunt

Geschrieben von Da_Woagl am 27.07.2009 um 17:30:


Hardcore, awsome whoo I don´t know every thing this is very good victory

Geschrieben von ohnoo am 28.07.2009 um 00:12:


But besides that, I doubt it fully to release the car.

that would be to bad, it's such a beauty. Stealers should be banned from the net motz

Geschrieben von firestone am 28.07.2009 um 08:25:


Original von ohnoo
But besides that, I doubt it fully to release the car.

that would be to bad, it's such a beauty. Stealers should be banned from the net motz

Should be, but cant be and that is bad for us wut1 wut1

Geschrieben von gssjatt am 30.07.2009 um 07:07:


bro can't wait for this car...looks like this is the first good lp640 roadster to hit release dates or when u plannin to release smile

Geschrieben von SilverRST640 am 30.07.2009 um 10:08:


Original von gssjatt
bro can't wait for this car...looks like this is the first good lp640 roadster to hit release dates or when u plannin to release smile

Read my previous post.

I dont think it is.
Its low-rated and ask Ikey if he wants to do this version.

Geschrieben von ohnoo am 30.07.2009 um 23:28:


that would be too bad, because you made such a beauty of a car. Don't give anything about that rate. As far as I can see you got a lot of very good comments and that's what this car deserves

Geschrieben von gssjatt am 04.08.2009 um 04:55:


Bro F the haterzzz....i went thru the ingame gallery and car is effin perfect....

i feel u about the stealers man..........hope all the stealers Rot in Hell......besides.....all those low class people are full of sh*t........ ur car bro.....i hoped u'll release it but....if u don't.....u did a rockin job xp.....Peace bro.

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