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Geschrieben von Baddtraxx am 11.04.2010 um 06:09:


hey salim any updates from your Diablo? fröhlich

Geschrieben von salim am 11.04.2010 um 11:22:


salam alikum ! hello ! ^^

first , thanks you for your kind comments smile .

the bugatti was made for GTA SA and other game but since i got stollen every time i release something i stoped thinking abhout GTA SA unglücklich . and it's stoped .

i did some progress on the diablo, and i've started a new project a "Team project" with Marian neacsu , it's an Audi R8 and here is what i've done so far :

and yes it's gonna be a a highpoly game model , which mean it will go over 100ko .

you can find out more on my blog :

hope you'll like it and please leave your comments smile .

Salim Ljabli

Geschrieben von Marettich am 11.04.2010 um 11:58:


Looks very nice man victory

Geschrieben von DriftKILLER am 11.04.2010 um 14:09:


Bugatti Veyron, Audi R8, ...Very Good Construction Salim,
Pleas Created Construction Hummer H2 SUT

smile Thank you

Geschrieben von salim am 01.06.2010 um 13:48:


i'm back to modeling after a long break großes Lachen .

first pic of the lamborghini LP560-4 i'm working on .

it's gonna be just like the lp 640 in details and modeling .

place to pictures to talk :

hope you'll like it

to see more please visit : Salim Ljabli Design

Salim Ljabli

Geschrieben von Baddtraxx am 01.06.2010 um 14:01:


looks nice but what is with your other models like the Diablo (<3)?
i mean they look all higholy but wont you finish 1 model?

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