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Geschrieben von firestone am 01.06.2009 um 18:03:


Car is ready I give it to Piohh victory

Geschrieben von fordfocus33 am 01.06.2009 um 18:33:


I hope the template is included freak1

Geschrieben von firestone am 01.06.2009 um 18:43:


Ohh Forgot Sorry, go back to pages I upload it Augenzwinkern

.. here

Geschrieben von Pmixer am 01.06.2009 um 20:02:



hopefully i can download ist SOON!!! großes Lachen großes Lachen großes Lachen yahoo

Geschrieben von piohh am 01.06.2009 um 21:45:


2008 Audi RS4
Author of model: EA Games
Convert to San Andreas: firestone
PaintJobs: MitakoBG

Download 2008 Audi RS4

Geschrieben von Chavez am 01.06.2009 um 22:02:


dziekuje aka danke schoen victory

Geschrieben von fordfocus33 am 01.06.2009 um 22:06:


Big Thanks for this great car Augenzwinkern

Geschrieben von gssjatt am 01.06.2009 um 23:43:

  Bug found

Bro i must say a beautiful car but i found a huge BUGG i don't know how everyone forgot to notice but u forgot to map the lights on one side.....i hope u can c what i'm talkin about......i circled it on the pic i post.....other than that car looks fuckin dope smile

c the pic and i hope u can release a v2 fixing these 2 probs -

big ups bro....Peace.

Geschrieben von Alex_D am 02.06.2009 um 02:36:


Nice car Augenzwinkern

Geschrieben von Threepwood am 02.06.2009 um 07:05:



have to second that, with UHQLM and HQLM you get such:

Windows get transparent when light is on, but thats a common bug not much modders sadly care abuut, tho it is damned easy to solve (copy the faces and just flip them). The black wheels miss some specularity.

Besides that, its a great mod, I like it very much, and its scaling seems to be perfect, tho I could need some spoiler dummy for race events XD smile

Geschrieben von Raptor am 02.06.2009 um 12:39:


Original von RAPTOR
At first, I have a problem with the headlights. In ZModeler it's OK, but in GGMM and ingame the left side is messed up. That's somehow strange and I think that isn't your fail, because Ikey seems to have normal headlights.
Edit: You've applied the vehicleenvmap to the left side.

Anyway, car is great. I like the silver rims.
Looking forward to your next project.

Geschrieben von viva yo am 02.06.2009 um 13:50:


can you make a V2 version with SA rear ligths (i mean with a texture for when they are on)

Geschrieben von firestone am 02.06.2009 um 15:46:


I'm so sorry

Repaired SA Lights

Free Image Hosting by

Geschrieben von Threepwood am 02.06.2009 um 15:48:


Thnx a lot, will go ingame right away smile


whats with the bumper lights and adding a spoilerdummy? Zunge raus If possible, of course.

Here some pics of the newest version:

Geschrieben von Pmixer am 02.06.2009 um 16:58:


Hey ude what is the best wheelpack for this car?



first, your handling.. sorry but i gonna use ikeys handling Augenzwinkern

Second, The damage isn't okay..
Look.. i tested it and smashed all doors and stuff but the right front door doesn't break.

Picture of it:

(if it is to big; [LINK]

Maybe it is only by me.. just tell me then..

Geschrieben von firestone am 02.06.2009 um 17:56:


I have damage on front right door, for other Idk Augenzwinkern

Geschrieben von Pmixer am 02.06.2009 um 19:03:


Dont understand u o.O

Geschrieben von gssjatt am 02.06.2009 um 20:49:


Thank you Firestone.......Ingae pics from me soon......Peace.

Geschrieben von Lukas am 02.06.2009 um 21:09:


here are some screenshots
the Audi looks really nice, great job firestone

Geschrieben von Jeff am 02.06.2009 um 21:15:


Wirklich schön was du mit meiner Map gemacht hast. Die Idee das mit dem Beach Club zu kombinieren ist wirklich gut. Augenzwinkern

Geschrieben von Lukas am 02.06.2009 um 21:16:


thx Jeff, deine Map ist aber immer noch besser

Geschrieben von DriftKILLER am 03.06.2009 um 11:32:

traurig PLEAS Repaired SA Lights

Geschrieben von ko3219 am 16.02.2013 um 15:48:


Fixed lights anyone ? really need it

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