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YourCreatedHell YourCreatedHell ist männlich

Dabei seit: 06.06.2012
Nation: Russia

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Okay, don't kick me for my terrible works aua

My last realizes:

Behind Space Of Realities 2012: Palm parts v1.0.0

New palm trees and new vegetation in pots. Can be worked with Project Oblivion 2010 HQ v1.0.0.

Download from file share:

Wild Upgraded Your Cars v2.0.0

Continuation of the famous series of modifications of Wild Upgraded Your Cars to replace most of the parts in GTA San Andreas. In the second version, a host of upgrades for the better, so you can forget about the first series of this project.

The constituent elements of additions:
- 1) Customize HQ Wheels by YourCreatedHell - Need for Speed Shift Style, Pack #1
- 2) LQ Wheels - NFS Shift Series, pack #1
- 3) New HQ NOS
- 4) Package HQ spoilers Need For Speed Most Wanted
- 5) Wild Upgrades Your Cars: Hoods, Lights, Roofs and Vents - pack #1
- 6) New Original Exhausts v1.0.1
- 7) YourCreatedHell’s HQLM (not for original game)
- cool GTA IV Scratches Style and Need For Speed Shift 2 Scratches Style (special damage for my cars, not working in another cars)
- 9) Test Drive Unlimited Colors Style (TDU Colors Style)
- 10) more for TDU Colors Style (RGB translate in images)
- 11) FIA GT Legends pack #1 (Bonus cars pack: Audi R8 LMS | Aston Martin DBRS9 GT3 | Chevrolet Corvette Z06R GT3)

note: This modification is divided into two types of spare parts. For the original game, and for specific models. Adaptation of parts for specific models - is not compatible with the original game and the cars outside authors. And additionally, FIA GT Legends pack # 1 is adapted to both types of spare parts and a different headlight lenses HQLM. You can customize your package of spare parts, at its discretion.

Download from file share:

Red Alert: GTA SA - RC Cars pack v1.0.0

Package units to replace the toy transport in GTA San Andreas. The package model was converted from a C & C Red Alert 3, and further refined.

Download from file share:

Your can update this mods in this web site.

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