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Dabei seit: 26.05.2007

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I have lots of cleo script in my game, and i have this strange problem since yesterday that sometimes when i press the ctrl key, CJ gets teleportet to some of the savepoints that are there by cleo script, i use to get teleportet to the dam safe house or beach club save house or the car saloon in SF.

I can fix the problem by removing the save point, but if i remove the files and put em back in, it works fine again :S and i can nd up having the same problem 15 min after i played, that when i preess the ctrl key i get teleportet.

This only happens on foot, and the best solution i see is to not use the ctrl key at all, but the ctrl key is the perfect key for the walk setting großes Lachen and it is also just pretty annoying to have that bug.

Any help, i know this is a strange one, but maybe some1 having the same problem?

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