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SilverRST640 SilverRST640 ist männlich

Dabei seit: 17.01.2008

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it's been a long time since I posted on this site but I'm back.
I recently found the cleo mod which makes possible to
make the reverselights, indicators and breaklights.
This is the site where I found it:

It would be a very idea to apply this cleo mod to my cars like
the El Camino 1970 and the Lamborghini LP640 roadster.
I only do not know to make these lights working like the
reverselights, indicators and all.
Too bad the people at that Russian site are not helpfull
and replying makes it even worse.
Took me half an hour to find that reply button lol, for real.
And not speaking how to register xD

Alright, I imported an IVLM carmod and took a look
how they are set.
Then I apply these materials FROM the IVLM carmod to my car
and assigned them.
I took the reverselight_l dummy to make it working too.
I export and imported it in the game, launched GTA SA,
spawned that car from nowhere, hopped in and there you go.
Not working, the lighttextures handles like brake lights like the regulair
GTA SA stop light.
But the dummy itself lights up but the texture not.
I read one of the comments on that Russian site something
wrong matte colors. Like I said, they are not helpfull, he even didn't
said which color matte it needs.
I still haven't figured out which damn matte color it is lol

Would anyone please help me out with this?
I'd appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.

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