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Dabei seit: 21.10.2005
Nation: Germany
City: Hamburg

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General / adhesion reference

In the forum there is a fundamental freedom of opinion. As long as a topic fits into the board concerned of the forum, it won’t be deleted, shifted or worked on.

If one of the remaining forum rules should have been hurt by a topic or a contribution, this rule (freedom of opinion) can be step repealed. The capabilities of sanctions for such an injury are appropriate completely in the discretion of the forum team.

Contributions with porn content (pictures of naked people, extreme offensive expressions, red light slogans etc.) and other content, which offend against the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, will be deleted totally or partly.

Each forum team member has the right to work on or even delete a contribution of another user, if he feels this is appropriate due to the content. If the content is “appropriate” or not, the team member decides himself. If he should be asked for the reason of the measure concerned, he must be able to indicate however a forum rule, which justifies his action.

2. Occurrence and behaviour in the forum:

Each member of the forum commits itself already with its registration to deal with the other users civilized. This contains the adherence to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as concerning the usual label the avoidance of force expressions, offences and malicious gossip. Since the forum has an important function with keeping up the relations between the people, it is desirable, if one would treat every other member in such a way, as if it would be a good friend.

From offences of any kind against other users is to foresee - even if this should be provoking! In case of an offence each user can send a message to one of the forum team members or use the “melden”-button to call the forum team member’s attention.

Once there is a controversy (contrary to a normal discussion) between two or more users, then this held outside of the public range of the forum. It is appropriate for that in the case of doubt in the discretion of the forum team to decide which goes beyond a normal discussion and is already a controversy. The users should take personal messages, email, or other messenger programs such as ICQ or MSN e.g. to end disputes „externally “.

Successive posts of one user should be avoided for reasons of the legibility. The forum software makes an editing function available for the user.

If possible please avoid repeati8ng topics. In such cases the forum provides a search function for the order.

Please pay attention to the fact that topics are to have a meaningful title. Titles like “assistance”, “search”, “urgent” or other nothing saying contents, will perhaps be closed and/or deleted, if the user referred several times to it. If the user still behaves conspicuous, he provokes the risk for being warned and/or banned.

Slandering and/or blackening users or team members is not welcomed in the forum and leads to a controversy very frequently. Please if possible avoid that. References to misbehaviour of users are excluded of that. Such references are always welcome to the team, and necessary. Therefore the team thanks you cordially in advance, for every reference.

3. User profile:

Each user has the right to indicate personal information in accordance to the pre-defined option fields at the user profile. To all these texts likewise the forum rules apply. (no law-adverse contents e.g.).

Using a signature of another forum member has to be avoided and can even be forbidden by a forum team member. Advertisement is generally forbidden, except one transacts these in a particularly planned thread.

Each user may select a user picture („avatar “). It may not exceed the dimensions of 100x100 pixels. Using an individual user picture is permitted; it must however correspond to the forum rules and may not be stolen by another user. Each avatar can be forbidden at any time by the forum team members.

No information field should be filled in oversize sumptuously.

4. Signature pictures: 500x200; 70KB

The pictures in the signature may not expand a height of 500 pixels and width of 200 pixels. In addition a maximal file size of 70 KB is permitted! (it is not dramatic, if the signature indicates times somewhat more than5%) Who offends against it for the first time referred to the rule again. Who still offends against that must count on the fact that he doesn’t have a signature picture, and/or he must count on a caution. This regulation applies only on advertisement - signature pictures (signature pictures to sides/forums refer, or whose only function consists of making advertisement. Pictures, which are provided with a link, are also concerned.) All other pictures are excluded from this regulation. However I appeal to all to consider that the larger a picture, the longer the load times of the sides, and the more largely the distortion of the sides.

Signature - pictures with pornographic, violence glorification and illegal content are strictly forbidden.

There are still users with a slow Internet connection. They shouldn’t have to wait long till the side has loaded, therefore are these rules.

Links: Who posts links (references to other sides) MUST BE SURE that this is also a correct link. The link mustn’t lead to violence glorification, pornographic, advertising or illegal contents. If this is the case, the forum team keeps the right to delete the posted link(s). In addition the team reserves the right to warn the user, if one was referred to it before, and/or to lock one out from the community. The forum dissociates oneself from any link, and cannot be liable for it.

Profile links: Who posts links (references to other sides) in its profile, MUST BE SURE that this is also a correct link. The link mustn’t lead to violence glorification, pornographic, advertising or illegal contents.
The forum dissociates oneself from any link, and cannot be liable for it.

Direct-link: It is forbidden to link directly to downloadable software. It means directly link that it is clickable. If the software is downloadable, then please directlink a normal link, not clickable use, separate none link use. At best for the software link, do not separate on the download page! With the offence against this rule, the link will be edited, and the user informed, with repeated occurrence the user risks a caution and/or a spell. On everything else however direct may be linked, if doesn’t contain anything pornographic, illegal or violent.

6. Private messages/eMails:

The forum offers a function for private messages and forms for email contact. These can be used as assistance for private communication. It is not permitted to publish private messages and/or eMails of other members without their agreement.

EMail addresses provided in the forum are not allowed to be stored by visitors and/or members of the forum without the owner’s agreement..

Forum team members are excluded of the rule in 6.1.

For arrangements about members in the forum the forum team members are allowed to pass on private messages of other users without asking the author.

7. Offences/punishments:

The team of the forum has the following possibilities during offence against the forum rules:

- Working on/shifting/deletion of individual contributions, threads or all board contents.
- Sending a private reference to the concerned user, if necessary with the request for improvement.
- Reduction of the contribution number in the user statistics.
- Changing avatar/signature and/or user title of the concerned member.
- Restriction of the entrance to the forum.
- Exclusion from the forum.

All measures must be justified as a rule. If the majority of the administrators/ forum team members agrees, then can be done without a reason. Banner advertisement is strictly forbidden, because it raises the traffic and makes reading a contribution difficult.

8. Additional rules:

Please note the indication of source on copied texts. In case of don’t doing this and stealing text the admin and mods are allowed to delete and/or close the topic.

Ask no Request/inquiries after illegal things. If this is made by mistake, it is tolerated. If one makes that intentionally the hread is closed, the poster will be warned, and/or during caution already existing banned.

Added postings of forum team members mustn’t be removed. In case of a presumed removing follows caution and/or exclusion from the community!
Banner advertisement is strictly forbidden, because it raises the traffic and makes reading a contribution difficult.

9. Legal references:

The property at the “forum” is with the administrator. The last-finite power of decision over all administrative operations lies with the administrator. In case of questions for the forum administration, please ask the admin or one of the forum team members.


The loading of the Page sometimes takes allitle more longer than normal.
Because of that there is a new principle rule which will be effective immediately.

Picture upload:
500x 500 may not exceed the mass pixels,
and 2 pictures per message, not more.
If there is a picture larger than 500 pixels then
it must be uploaded as a thumbnail.

Do not upload over appendices of files,
use one the following uploading pages:

The pictures may not exceed
a height of 1000 pixels.
There are up to 16 pictures
(thumbnails) allowed.
4 x 4 next to each other,
not all among themselves.

Either 2 normal pictures per message:
Upload asks via Imageshack, onlinestuffs or directupload

or up to 16 thumbnails:
Upload asks via Imageshack, onlinestuffs or directupload

Big thx to Mr Whoopee for the english translation
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