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Aschratts Path Editor
28.04.2007 von Aschratt
Aschratts Path Editor

Aschratts A.P.E. Page
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APE - Aschratts Path Editor:

Version: 1.0
Build: 3
Date: 28.04.2007

APE is a small Tool to create Car and PED-Path for GTA San Andreas & Compile them to binary Nodes-Files.
The Tool is based on ListViews, to give a professional and extansive possibillity to read & edit nodes.

What are the features?!

- Open & Save single Node*.dat-Files.
- Compile and Decompile Node-Files to the DNF File Format of the tool

- Fast DNF Import (Up 10000 Nodes/Second and more!)
- Log-System (Not yet ready 100%)
- Easy and fast Flagcalculator
- Image-Drawer to create Pictures of your Path's!
- Create empty (Stripped) Nodefiles
- Possibillity to add path based on a memhack system directly from ingame.
- ...

What do I need?

Well 1st you need .Net-Farework 2.0 or higher. You can download it in any language at( for free.
Then you should have a unpatched 1.0-Version of GTA San Andreas.
Thats all. Enjoyzwinkern
Grösse 1,7 MB
Downloads 10939
Datum 28.04.2007
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