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Maps SAMODS Getto Drift
08.09.2007 von M3Rulezz
Getto Drift

Map name : Getto Drift
Author : M3Rulezz aka. [MPWR][M_Power]
Program used : MED - MapEDitor
Time Spend : 8 Hours of work with small brakes
Author Email

Map is placed abowe Las Venturas Desert Airfild ( Verdan Meadows i suppose /
dont know correct spell ). To create a base i use a LS docks ground.
Install is easy just replace in /data/ maps/ country file and its all done.
this drift map is floatin abowe Verdant Meadows Airfield so in single player it will be hard
to start from this place but if u want only drift in Getto lookin place its perfect map
for that.
Dont forget about installing a img file its important for bilboards without this
u wont be able to see a map logo.
Open imgtool or spark and replace orginal txd " billbrd01_lan2 " with my own.
Grösse 187,0 KB
Downloads 3356
Datum 08.09.2007
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