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A-GXT V.1.0a
24.12.2007 von Aschratt
A-GXT V.1.0a

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A-GXT V.1.0a:

1. What is this?
A-GXT is an tool where you can edit the GTA's textarchives.
Normally you can find them under "GTA San Andreas\text\"
and mostly they are used by SCM.

2. Why a new GXT Editor?
Well, I know there are certain GXT Editors, so why code a
new one?
The answer is pretty easy to give: I just wanted to create
a tool which makes editing more easy and comfortable.
Many new features will allow you to edit GXT-Entries in an
different way then you are used to.
Actually during development-stage there were some nice
findings about the keypresses and the colorcodes.

3. What are new features?
- Color Buttons
- Easy Keypress selection
- Easy/Classic Edit Mode
- Support for ALL Standart San Andreas Nametags
- first Editor with an local, permanently learning
INI-File for Nametags
- File Association possibillity
- 1st merge GXT-funtion

4. Updates?
Remember that this is the first version of the tool.
You should regularly check my homepage for updates!

5. Bugs
If you found an bug please report it.
Just mail me ( or post into the

6. Planned
Here is a list of features I planned:

- Preview
- Faster loading
- VC/GTA III Support
- Language System

7. Easy/Classic Edit
The "Easy-Edit"-function is not yet completed.
Actually it only is used for newlines. Instead of writing "~n~"
you can now easily use the Return-Key.
Later this will give you the possibillity to mark text for example
as highlighted or directly color it!
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