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1979 Harley Davidson (Fatboy)
07.04.2006 von conversion to San Andreas Brendan62
1979 Harley Davidson (Fatboy)

1979 Harley Davidson "Fatboy"

orig body mesh from

Optimization for game use and conversion to San Andreas Brendan62

Ascendence the Revolution

Note if u replace freeway as i have u must use the vehicles ide and handling lines ive supplied

Last Notes:

Also it a good idea to use the specular map i have supplied in your vehicle txd found in SA/model/generic folder
These reflection maps make any car made in ZM2 look good and has no affect on cars done in 3dmax
If u dont use the reflections etc for vehicle txd that i have supplied please dont complain the car looks funny , reflections are etc etc

In case of any trouble, please don't hesitate to contact me at and I will try to help you
to the best of my ability.

This model is purchased under license and cant be modified and redistributed without the express permission of me Brendan62 and DE ESPONA Infogfica
It is for free game use only and cannot be sold in any way
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Datum 07.04.2006
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